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The Coast Guard - From Beowulf
Seas crash along a mercury skyline,
Warm torch glow sears my face.
The night's count has been eight
As the days have been also.
This autumn has been something to care about.
The chilly afternoons are perfect
For my sheep skin tunic.
I've yet to see much life for
My eight day post,
Loneliness is consuming me.
There is a bird I speak to often.
His feathers uplift the color of berries
To a white tail polyester crush.
They flail like flags when the wind
Brushed its sweet blow upon.
Searing breeze to the wings of his world
Set upon my golden fingertips.
His beak is perched on his face
At a perfect angle of magnitude.
His eyes beating blue like marbles on
The castle floor.
Is this what my life's made of?
Wishing for warm cider or cold mead,
Wasting my days guarding this coastal nobody.
Hrenthor should be awake at half past sunrise
To take my spot so I can get some rest.
Oh this black eternity.
Miles and miles.
Imagine being a fish.
Your entire life occupied by an endless blue.
If I were a fi
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Steeple Street
Trees stand above life, above land
where we can't amuse ourselves anymore.
This time, I'm trying so hard not to be
but as the leaves migrate - so do I.
Summer turns to fall and I collapse.
I scream to the branches that fall above my head -
"Cathartic! Throw out my insides!"
And devotion was a lonely girl standing by herself
on the edge of 2A.
As the cars passed by she weeped sweet insecurities
of herself and those around her.
The changes we make and the choices that stray
apart from
around us.
I can see it now.
Next to a glistening lake on a mountain
I'll see the reflection of a boy I once knew.
His name is solace.
Oh god, he can hardly breathe.
He knows how we turned out and he knows
how little time we have left.
He's looking to his best friend
and he's holding him tight -
"Oh companion, oh my brother,
I'm ready for anything but this."
A child comes running across the grass,
his arms spread like heaven's roof top.
I'm stranded behind that thin glass wall
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Empty Fields Of Mass... PART 2
There he stood to see, upon a New England port in 1783. All the wonders in the world couldn't stop him from leaving this town. The sky hung clouds of saltwater breeze and the sun had its family singing the songs of the sea.
And he prayed for a round of tempting hayfields and hickory trees, so he got down on his knees and he screamed. "It's my turn to do that." So she gave him a flickering smile, and it was faker than any Greek Mythology. But that's what he gets for being a fool in the eighteenth century.
Waters break upon docks of whaling ships, her eyes are opaque and he remembers all of it. That look of death upon her face, but how her smile took him to another place. His tears are falling, the postman's calling, he's got a letter from her that he finds oh so appalling. Now he's regretting the words that he spoke and to take them back he would give his life, he would choke.
So be it, so it will go. His eyes crimson, wound up, bloated pupils line his rivers.
There's an old boat and th
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Empty Fields Of Mass... PART 1
Story begins: In a field, a farm, a barn in northern New England. A family of two set out for a little while. Boots laced up nice and tight, for this dead autumn night, though her face was barely even breathing. They're going to see a friend in Amarita isle. The hike is a fetch, a 16 mile stretch through a plowed out center of harvest. Hills and mountains haven't seemed so god damn high. He goes for her hand, she smiles it's grand, he pictures her as his angel harpist, playing her songs from the sky.
"Late night, we're feasting on our own love, lover."
They arrived at half past dawn, singing ancient Irish song, their approach to his house began to tire. When they opened up the door, he was 3 feet above the floor, he tied his neck to a string of piano wire. She collapsed like a breaking stone, he was left there all alone, he said "in the name of God, your no kind of lover." She deserted herself like a ghost. He said "in the name of God, he was my brother."
Packed in, her whole life sh
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Poems from 2002+2003 old
I am the burden that keeps you awake
I am the fears that sing you to sleep
I am the flowers that lay by your grave
I am the tears you shall no longer weep
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United States
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Mayoneise frozen into little cubes = mancubes.

Friday - Went over Lindsay's. Had a blast.
Saturday - Hung out with the Jellymanners minus Paul. But then Paul showed up and the Jellymanners were complete. We camped at Cranes wildlife, it was awesome.
Sunday - We went to Percy's Place for breakfast at 7am. I then dropped Lindsay off. I then went home and slept till 2 P.M. Woke up and did the Jewish Allen report. I am now in senior project and it is Monday.


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